About Us

Our aim is to be the online destination of choice for premium motorcycle apparel in South Africa. We are thrilled to have you here. Welcome.

Parabolica is a name with its roots firmly in racing, but we are about so much more than that.

Founded by two best friends in 2014, based on little more than a dubious conversation over a beer in an even more dubious bar, Parabolica became the official importer and distributor of REV’IT! products in South Africa.

Above all, we believe that sport, urban and adventure riders should not have to sacrifice style for safety. Whether in the harshest racing conditions of MotoGP or in the urban conditions of sidewalk cafés, REV’IT! products are recognised for quality and sophistication. Your safety should be the most important element of your riding - all of the gear, all of the time.

Our products even find application in other forms of racing (e.g. our undersuits in karting).

Get in touch to see what the REV’IT! product range can offer you.